Phone vs me


Hey everyone! So, on “CHOOSEdays” (Tuesday’s) I will choose a challenge/ dare to document. And I recently accepted TO NOT USE INSTAGRAM& SNAPCHAT for 30 days!!

& girrrlllll the first hour I wanted to give in to look at everyone’s snap. All bad.


So I wouldn’t be tempted, I deleted the apps off my phone. But did that stop me the first 2 days from constantly checking my phone, and then remembering, oh yea!, there’s nothing to look at ha!

By the end of the first week, I was getting to the gym by 9am, finished putting on a full face & hair before 12pm. Instead of leaving my laundry on my bed for a week, I put everything away the same day! The list goes on, I was getting shit done.


During the second week, I was able to get to work an hour early, that I had time to sit at Starbucks, read a book, while eating my lunch. I was becoming those coffee shop people haha

I noticed how much time I waste using my phone, looking at everyone’s lives just Creepin on everyone’s pages.  Yes I admit creeping lol but who doesn’t!! Anyways, I focused more on what I needed to take care of on a daily basis.

I recommend everyone try a social media cleanse once! It’s such an eye opener how much a tiny electrictronic device can take over your lives. If you don’t think you’re hooked to you’re phone, try this for a day and you’ll see how attached you really are. Don’t get me wrong, i love what social media can do,  but too much of anything can be bad… but Too much of good whiskey is barely enough haha okay okay, just kidding.

This was a great challenge to step away and spend more time with my daughter and not snap chat every second of her life. On one of our park dates I noticed a 8 year old on his tablet sitting on the monkey bars. Like come on, we can’t let our babies be so stuck to technology! Esp at a play ground key word “play”. After this challenge I noticed how less I pick up my phone, or Check apps. My daughter picks up my habits and that is not a habit I want for her. Even her behavior has improved. we set times when we would be on our phones/ tablets etc. Somedays I catch myself getting sucked into the apps, so I just delete it off my phone for the day.

untitled (5)

Let me know if you guys do the social media cleanse challenge!! Did it work for you? how many days do you think you can last? Comment or tag me on Instagram #phonevsme

want to see me do a challenge! I won’t say no!! Let’s play.


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