White Like Mayonnaise


Hey guys, for our monDIY I’m gonna show you how I got my dirty chucks to look like a million bucks!!! So on Pinterest I found this 2 day DIY and simplified it for ya!


I know!! What a “messsy b#*ch” . Honestly, truly didn’t know how bad our chucks were till this pic. Well actually till Audreys dad started throwing shade on my chucks one day, BUUUUT let’s save that story for another blog haha


& WAAALAAA! New white chucks!


1. Bleach

2. White vinegar

3. Baking soda

4. Spray bottle

5. Towel

6. Toothbrush

7. Gloves

8. Plastic bucket


Step 1: place your chucks over a towel. Remove laces and I suggest doing all the steps to the laces. Sprinkle the baking Soda over the shoe and scrub it clean with the toothbrush. Get all up in there girl! Yes Gloves were worn during entire cleaning. (Felt like Walter White.) ps if you don’t know who that is please educate yourself. Just kidding but really why do you not know!


Step 2.

Fill the spray bottle with the white vinegar. And spray that sucker all over the parts you scrubbed with baking soda. It will start to bubble. Audrey thought that was so cool she kept wanting me to spray it. Over and over…..

step 3.

Rince shoe under cool water


step 4.

Now, you’re going to put the chucks and laces into the bucket. Fill it up with 3/4water and 1/4 bleach. Let it soak over night (12 hours). In the morning leave those bad boys to air dry.


I really hope you try this before going out and buying brand new ones! All the materials I got from Walmart for 5 bucks. id love to know if you guys tried it!! Leave me a comment or tag me on insta #whitelikemayonnaise lol

ps. Look at what this monster did RIGHT after I slaved away.



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