OITNB season 5

Hey everyone!! It’s my favorite day, THEATURSday!! Wooo grab some popcorn, wine and turn your Netflix onto season 5 of Orange is the New Black!

And cue sing a long!…..”The animals, the animals
Trapped, trapped, trapped ’till the cage is full
The cage is full the day is new
And everyone is waiting, waiting on you
And yooooouuuuve got tiiiime

Think of all the roads
Think of all their crossings
Taking steps is easy
Standing still is hard
Remember all their faces
Remember all their voices
Everything is different
The second time around

And you’ve got time
And you’ve got time”


First I’m going to give season 5, two big thumbs


UPPPP! Thank you ruby rose! We all miss that beautiful face haha from season 4 I was honestly getting over it when they killed off poussay. Everything seemed too messy and unorganized, till the last episode when Daya pointed the gun to the guard and they basically left us hanging all year!!

I don’t want to spoil too much but if you haven’t caught up. Just watch the recap and you’ll be all good haha but remember the anxiety and excitement you got on season 1. Season 5 gave it all back to me and I’m super happy that I gave in to watch again. Piper is still a complaining bitch brat but no one annoys me more than the meth head duo.

IMG_6651 Did they really have to get that much exposure this season… fuck their characters annoy ts out of me? Who else loves when they go back in time and show parts of the inmates childhood? Still got good juicy sex scenes.  There were a lot more funny scenes that had me cracking up.  My favorite was each inmate kept flirting with one of the guards hahaha I loved how they really had everyone , working together to avenge justice for poussay. And can we talk about that secret room!! How has it not been found in all 5 seasons.  Okay okay okay Without ruining what happens I’ll end here!

Till next time on THEATURSday! Please comment what you thought of season 5! What are some shows or movies you recommend?





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