Soup in June

Hey guys!! On FITdays, I’ll usually post about healthy foods, drinks, workouts and everyone’s fav, cheat meals!

But lately, in Cali we’ve been experiencing “June gloom”, all I want is to start making Halloween costumes and eating a thanksgiving feast! Today I have a 30 min soup recipe,  that’ll just leave you beggin for seconds.




4cups veg/ chic stock

4 cups water

Chic Bouillon

4-6 carrots

4 cellary stalks

1 onion

6 garlic cloves

2 red peppers

1 head of broccoli

green onion

1/2 ground turkey

4 turkey sausage

1-2 cups brown rice


salt + pepper


1.) begin with making the rice in rice cooker.


2.) in a large pot, start boiling on high, the 4 cups veg/ chic broth, 4 cups of water and I used 2 cubes of chic bouillon. Add to preferred taste.

3. ) cut all veggies diced. And sauté till roasted.

4. ) pour veggies in boiling pot . Turn heat to medium.

5.) sauté ground turkey seasoned with the cumin, salt +pepper and garlic. Add turkey sausage till cooked.

6. ) once veggies are tender, add the meat. And let all that goodness simmer.

7.) now add rice and lower heat and simmer the soup!

Now Grab a bowl and dig in!!!



This took about 25-30 min. The first bowl was so good I couldn’t believe I made a soup by scratch. But the second serving after the soup was simmering for an extra 20 min gave it that extra UMPH!!! Nonetheless this dish was very light but savory. Please let me know if you’ve made a similar soup or used my recipe! USE #soupinjune to tag me on the gram. I hope y’all enjoyed. Till next time.



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