About me

HEY everybody!!! Tysm for checking out my blog. This is where ill be showing DIYs, advise from people who have inspired me, movie/TV show critiques, food &cocktail recipes. And every week I will be doing random challenges and document my experiences!!

My life mainly consists of cooking, crafting, camping, and chilling watching a good movie! Woah that’s a lot of Cs lol I have a 3 year old, Audrey who recently started preschool. So were currently adjusting to that new lifestyle, because were night owls and like sleeping in. Yes, I got super lucky my daughter has always been a hibernating sleeping bear and I bartend at night so were def not morning people. Buuut our favorite meal is breakfast!! Oh man that sounds good right now, a nice loaded breakfast burrito with country taters on the side YUUUM! (its 3am right now)… told you night owl. Haha

That should be a good quick summary of who I am. Keep that mysterious woman vibe going for me… xoxo later days.